Friday, 29 June 2012

The Tudor, Leicester

Everards are a family brewer who seem to appreciate the value of their pub estate, and more often than not approach refurbishment and renovation with a sensitive touch.  It so happens that they are also the custodians of many of the traditional Skittle Alleys which have survived in the Leicestershire area (sadly, many more have been lost over the years). The game of Table Skittles is a little more widely spread in Leicester, though much less common than it once was. The Tudor play the game in the local Notts Skittles League, as well as fielding a team in the local Pool League. I have yet to get to the bottom of why a Leicester based league is named after another city entirely, and one where the game of Table Skittles is almost unknown now. One possibility is that the league originated at the Nottingham Oddfellows Club in Leicester.

The view from the Mot.

The Skittles Table is located in an upstairs function room, making it possible to permanently fix the Mot to the floor. The cast iron Mot, which would otherwise be a serious 'tripping hazard' in a public bar, is usually removable, with several holes drilled in the floorboards for easy positioning.

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