Pub Game Leagues & Websites

Aunt Sally
Abingdon & District Aunt Sally Association
Bampton & District Aunt Sally Association
Banbury & District Aunt Sally League
Bicester & District Aunt Sally League
Chipping Norton Invitation Aunt Sally League
Oxford & District Aunt Sally Association
Wychwood Aunt Sally League

Canton Liberal Club - Cardiff club with two Bagatelle tables, and an in-house league.
Chester & District Bagatelle League - Comprehensive resource on Bagatelle.
Coundon Social Club - A Coventry Bagatelle venue.

Bar Billiards & Snookerette
All England Bar Billiards Association
The British Bar Billiards Forum - Includes links to all current British leagues.
Sudbury & District Bar Billiards League - Suffolk League
Norwich Bar Billiards League
Sheffield Bar Billiards League

Bat & Trap
Canterbury & District Bat & Trap League
East Kent Friendly Bat & Trap League
Medway Bat & Trap League
Sevenoaks & District Bat & Trap League

Bedfordshire/Cambridge Table Skittles
Bedford & District Skittles League
Beds & Roberts Skittles League
Cambridge & District Skittles League

English Amateur Billiards Association

Northampton Licenced Trades Assc Cribbage League
Wellingborough & District Cribbage League
Cribbage in the Counties - One man's mission to play Cribbage in all 39 of the ancient counties of England

This rare traditional pub game is still played at the Jolly Drayman at Gravesend, Kent. New table installed at the Orange Tree, Baldock.

Patrick - Darts Historian
Justin Irwin - Includes the Capital Arrows resource which lists pubs for Darts in London.

Derby/Notts Long Alley Skittles
Border Skittles League 
Clay Cross & District League
Ilkeston & District League
Ripley & District Skittles League

Anglo Caribbean Domino League
The Darlington & District 5's & 3's Domino League

Devil Amongst The Tailors
Bridport Table Skittles - A Dorset league website
Macclesfield Pub Skittles League - A Devils league in Cheshire
Mendip Table Skittles League - Includes league rules and many variations on the game.

St Austell & District Euchre League

Foosball (Table Football)
British Foosball Association - Includes a Google Map showing venues with tables.

Irish Skittles
Irish Skittles Association

Leicester Table Skittles
Leicester Mixed Table Skittles League

Leicestershire/Warwickshire Table Skittles
Dunchurch & District Skittles League
Dunton Bassett Skittles League
Dunton Bassett Ladies Skittles League
Lutterworth Skittles League

Leicestershire Long Alley Skittles
Syston & District Skittles League

London Skittles
Hampstead Lawn Billiards & Skittles Club - Includes extensive links to Skittles leagues worldwide.

Northamptonshire Table Skittles
Gayton & District Skittles League
Kettering & District Skittles League
Northampton Ladies Skittles League

The English Pétanque Assc - Includes links to all affiliated regions for the game.

Allen Valley Quoits League - Northumberland Quoits
Kington & District Quoits League - Herefordshire Indoor Quoits League
Lower Dales Quoits League
Suffolk CAMRA are a good source of information on the region's outdoor game.

Rifle Shooting
Bell Target Shooting - Includes links to all known pub and club leagues

World Ringboard Accademy 

Shove Ha'penny/Pushpenny
Pushpenny - The Movie
Newport Shove Ha'penny League - A rare example of a website for this game
Robertsbridge & District Pushpenny & Darts League - East Sussex league

Toad in the Hole
Ben Ward's Toad in the Hole Pages - All you could ever wish to know about this traditional Sussex pub game.
Lewes & District Toad in the Hole League

Welsh Skittles Leagues
Newport & District Skittles League
Newport Summer League

Western Skittles
There are dozens of websites for the numerous Western Skittles Leagues. The London Skittles Links Page provides a good listing of Skittle Leagues active throughout the West Country, West Midlands, and Wales.
Shoot Out Club - Home of the British Skittles Championship


Jam Trubridge said...

Great site! No mention of Baguetelle or the Chester Baguetelle league!

Mark said...

Thanks for the comment, I do have a post on Bagatelle planned but until I get to Chester or the few remaining venues in Coventry it will be fairly limited coverage I'm afraid. I have a small folding table myself, it's a great game, even the missus likes it.

John Penny said...

Wow! Just been given the link by Arthur Taylor. I think I have died and gone to pub heaven. I think we need to correspond...
We all know the Eldridge Pope 'Lads of the Village' Right...? Right; they come from my village, and were photographed in my local, the 'Rose and Crown' Bradford Abbas. See them play skittles on 'Movietone News', filmed in 1935!

John Penny said...

Great Site - love it! Just up my street, where we have arguably the most famous pub in the world...

Andy said...

Snookerette has not been mentioned. we have one in our pub and are in a league. our pub and table are on this site. The Bell Inn Murrow.

Matt said...

Hi - a couple of skittle related websites for the Newport Gwent area for you:

The game is still alive and kicking here in Newport although we are now down to four leagues, from seven 15 years or so ago.



Mark said...

Thanks Matt, I've added a Welsh section.