Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Inn, Willersey, Gloucestershire

The Cotswolds as an area encompasses several diverse counties, and an equally varied selection of traditional pub games. Aunt Sally is still thriving in Oxfordshire, Indoor Quoits may still be found in Worcestershire, and Skittles holds sway throughout the area, but particularly in Gloucestershire.

It's good to see that quite a few of the more traditional and relatively unspoilt pubs in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds still have fully functioning Skittle Alleys, often doubling as useful function rooms. Sadly even more have disappeared in recent years, victims of the relentless drive to turn traditional village locals into upmarket 'destination' pubs where the food offering takes precedence over drinking and gaming.

The picturesque Donnington Brewery of Stow on the Wolds has a small pub estate scattered throughout the Cotswolds, and has done far better than most when it comes to retaining their essential pub character. Good value beer, honest wholesome food, and a welcome to visitors and locals alike make Donnington pubs well worth seeking out when enjoying the many other pleasures to be found in this beautiful part of the country.

The New Inn at Willersey is a typical Donnington Brewery pub. Cotwold Stone on the outside, cosy, comfortable, and unpretentious within, and with room set aside for the proper pub activities of Darts, Pool, and of course local Gloucestershire Skittles.

Drakes Pride are principally a manufacture of Bowls, but also produce a range of Skittles for the South West game, as well as these durable composite balls which are available in a variety of sizes.


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