Sunday, 20 January 2013

Old Kings Head, Belper, Derbyshire

'What's On' at the Old Kings Head, Belper? Well, as you can see from the image below, quite a lot actually. This includes the traditional pub game staples of Darts and Dominoes, the modern staple of a Quiz Night, and of course the thoroughly traditional local game of Long Alley Skittles.

The licensee of the Old Kings Head has only recently taken over the reigns of the pub, and seems hell-bent on making good use of every nook and cranny in the tardis-like interior. The function room hosts a weekly folk club, and perhaps more unusually can be converted into a Skittle Alley for play in the Winter 'Border' League which is contested between pubs and clubs in the Notts and Derby border area.

The wooden return chute for the long alley balls (below) is a nice survivor, and an example of how all such returns would have been in the past. Nowadays a section of weather-proof plastic piping usually fulfils this role, and whilst this does the job well enough, it could hardly be described as an elegant solution. The timber on this chute is in poor condition and the current licensee is planning a replacement for the coming season

The upstairs function room, set up here for the folk club, can also be used for Skittles play in the Winter, when outside play is neither practical or pleasant. Note the floor mark for the throw in the foreground. I can't imagine what this must sound like below, but then I don't think this room is located above a drinking or dining area of the pub.

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Anonymous said...

Ripley summer league Skittles AGM (if you are interested in joining it) is on Thursday 28th Feb at Heanor miners welfare, 7.30pm.