Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Geddington, Northamptonshire

The front bar at the White Hart is where you'll find the Darts Board (right), along with a number of trophies and shields to indicate past glories. The pub also hosts regular Poker nights, a game which has become more popular since the 2005 Gambling Act relaxed restrictions on the playing of the game in pubs for low stakes. Padded green baize table toppers are available for the game in the lounge.

The historic Star Inn is perhaps best known for its position in the centre of the village opposite the very fine Eleanor Cross. It also has a fine Northamptonshire Skittles Table, an original by W.T. Black & Son of Northampton. The table is currently sited in front of the Darts Board (apparently Darts is not played at the Star), and though currently not used for league play, the licensee is hoping to instigate a regular 'Killer' game night soon which may lead to the formation of a team. Interestingly, the set of Cheeses bear the mark of 'Red Lion C'. There are many Red Lions in the county and beyond, including a few that ave now closed (such as the Red Lion, Clipston!) so where this set came from originally is not clear. The Star also has a small modern Devil Amongst The Tailors.

The White Lion features Pool and Darts, and possibly other games for the use of guests in their accommodation.

Tools of the trade in the White Hart bar.


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