Friday, 4 May 2012

Red Cow, Market Harborough

The Red Cow is a pub I remember well from the late 80's as a diminutive, blue-smokey, local drinkers pub. A bit of a male preserve it has to be said. A place for a sociable pint or three, horse racing on the telly, and for many men (myself included!) a welcome haven from the drudgery of shopping in the very heart of the market town of Harborough.

Not too much has changed since the days when this was an ultra-traditional Marston's Brewery house.  It's still a small pub, little more than a front bar and games area, and still very much for the sociable activity of beer drinking. It's quite possible that there are more Darts Boards than there were previously, numbering three on my recent visit, including one in its own dedicated alcove. The Northamptonshire Skittles Table is a fairly recent addition to the pub, though whether this is a return or something entirely new I couldn't say. The table itself is a well-worn specimen, having seen plenty of action at the now closed Trades & Labour Club up the road. In addition to the Darts, the pub participates in local Cribbage and Dominoes Leagues, though I was told the Dominoes is struggling and may not survive for another season.


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