Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Brace of Cribbage Boards

That a thing of such simple beauty as this folding wooden Crib Box can be bought for around the price of a couple of pints of beer (and somewhat less than a packet of cigarettes), is something I find a little hard to understand. Given its humble purpose and simple glued construction, I doubt whether this box would have been an expensive thing when new, but it's a lovely piece of work nevertheless. Made from a mixed-bag of different woods, and designed to hold a pack of cards and the pegs for scoring a game. It certainly needs a little bit of attention, including a small slice of wood to close the peg compartment, but its real charm is in the shabby, well used patina of age.

This monster Crib Board resides at Ye Olde Reindeer in Banbury, a Hook Norton pub with a truly wonderful historic interior. The beer is very good here too.

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