Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Swan & Rushes, Leicester

Perhaps best known as a speciality beer pub, the Swan & Rushes also features a very special pub game in this Bar Billiards Table. I can't recall the last time I saw another table in a pub, it may well be the only one in Leicester. The pub has recently instigated its own competition for locals, with a smart trophy for the winner. Perhaps this could be the start of a local league...

The table is a lovely bit of furniture, and the game is entirely suited to an afternoon drinking good beer with friends. Play is all from the front of the table,  making this game ideal for the smaller room where space is limited for a Pool Table.

I was kindly given a short tour of the innards, clearly showing how the balls are returned to the pockets during play. The game operates to a timer mechanism which can be seen at the front. When the time is up, a wooden board clunks down to stop any more balls returning.

Underneath the bed of the table, a full service history can be seen going back to the early 70's. There also appears to be 'University Oxford' written on the timber, perhaps the original location of this table.
The Score Board is located adjacent to the table, and a nice bit of wood and brass in itself.

Darts has also been recently introduced at the Swan.


Filrd said...

We have a similar table at my local too, it's the Bulls Head & Titanic Brewery tap. After years of little use we started an in house league & separate cup competition a few years back and it's gone really well.

With no one to play against locally we are always up for an away day for a bit of beer & friendly game or a visit to us here in Burslem (Stoke on Trent)

Nice review

Rockingham Forest Cider said...

I'm sure you'd appreciate the beer at the Swan & Rushes, a proper pub like the Bulls Head. If you could take some good pics of the pub games at the Bulls Head I'd be happy to post them up on here, with full attribution to yourself of course.