Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crown & Trumpet, Broadway - Pt.2

The Shut The Box is quite a large one by modern standards. It's an old thing too, with plenty of wear and tear through use. A better set of dice would have looked better in this image.

A better image of the Ring The Bull, and a Devil Amongst The Tailors missing a pin. The Shove Ha'penny and Evesham Quoits (Dobbers) are currently with the owner for repair/safekeeping.

The Crown & Trumpet had a Bar Billiards table until quite recently, presumably removed through lack of space. The pub is cosy, and can get very busy with diners during the tourist season. Interestingly, this shield for a Singles Knockout competition features an image of a Northants/Leics Table Skittles rather than a Billiards Table!
A modern hardwood set of Dominoes, and a few pints of Gloucestershire ale provided afternoon entertainment during the April showers.

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