Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The George, Oundle

More often than not, finding a pub with an interesting selection of games can involve a trip to fringes of a town. Town centre pubs and bars are generally those where traditional games have been ousted first. Where space is at a premium, tables for dining are often considered the main priority, but even in the larger drinking establishments it's rare to see anything other than Pool or televised sports, particularly in the 'Vertical Drinking Establishments' which litter our high streets, where nothing as time consuming as participating in a game is allowed to interupt the flow of drink!

A good example of this kind of pub is The George in Oundle, set a good 10 minute hike out from the centre of this small market town, set in a strictly residential area and very much a community local. The usual league Pool and Darts are played, but this is also an outpost of the Northamptonshire Skittles tradition, with a fine old table and a team in the Islip & District Skittles League.

Detail on the side of the skittles table. The right-hand front leg has a small square patch where a plate with the manufacturers details would have been, probably the Peppers brothers from the appearance and quality of the table.

A poor video of a decent enough '9' on The George skittles table.

Website: http://www.george-oundle.co.uk/

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