Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Newshouse, Nottingham

I mentioned in my previous post that the centre of Nottingham, in common with many large towns and cities, may not be a happy hunting ground for traditional pub games. But there are exceptions, and the Newshouse on Canal Street is a good example.

I suppose if I was looking for a pub in Nottingham with a decent pint and the possibility of a few pub games, the ever expanding estate of the Castle Rock Brewery would be a good place to start. If ever there were an advert for the fact that old fashioned pub values, done very well and with an eye to the future, really are the secret to longevity in the pub trade, Castle Rock pubs are it. Thoroughly forward looking, but not forgetting what pubs are supposed to be about, which is the thoroughly traditional business of social intercourse.

The Newshouse is a handy pub for the rail station and the Broadmarsh bus terminus. Frequented by a good mix of locals and local office workers, it's the latter who are perhaps the most enthusiastic users of the many pub games on offer. The Bar Billiards Table is believed to be one of only two in the city, the other located at another Castle Rock pub just up the road.

The Devil Amongst The Tailors is currently missing its ball! Behind the bar, the various paraphernalia of games play are kept safe, including the set of Mushrooms for the Bar Billiards Table.


Benjamin Crowe said...

Dear Mark,

My name is Ben and I am a member of the All Nottingham Bar Billiards Association, I am currently working on building our first website, I have come across your lovely photos of two great Notitingham pubs, the Vat and Fiddle and The Newshouse. As we meet every week in The Newshouse, I was woundering if you wouldn't mind me using one of your photos of said pub for the background image of our website?

Ben Crowe

Mark said...

Hi Ben. I'd be happy for you to use images from this blog for your website, just so long as you include a link back to the blog somewhere and ideally a credit. I have better resolution versions if these images which I can e-mail you if that would help.