Thursday, 21 June 2012

Old White Hart, Lyddington, Rutland

The Old White Hart in Lyddington is a true village inn offering accommodation, fine dining, and a genuine welcome even if you're just stopping by for a drink. Being quite an upmarket Rutland hostelry, Pétanque is the game of choice, with a team currently playing in 'South B' of the Rutland & District Pétanque League. There are several well maintained pistes available at the rear of the pub, and a game can be arranged by appointment with the licensees. Home league games are played on alternate Tuesdays, and a full fixtures list can be found on the League website:

The Games Corner in the bar features a very good selection of traditional pub games, probably supplied for the amusement of guests as much as anything, but don't let that put you off. The lid of the Dominoes box even has a Crib Board for scoring.

The Shove Ha'penny is by K&C Ltd of London, which along with Jacques of London is one of the most common vintage Mahogany boards you're likely to come across in pubs. The coins are available on request from the bar.

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