Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Compendium of Pub Game Images - Pt.5

The Flying Pig in Cambridge was until recently home to a Bar Billiards Table, a game once common in the city. The table has now been replaced with a more prosaic Pool Table, and Bar Billiards may well now be extinct in Cambridge's pubs (though probably not in its college bars). This excellent, down-to-earth boozer is currently under threat of closure and possible demolition by developers, so visit while you can. A small Shut The Box game is available from behind the bar.

It seems that the Darts Board, and what was possibly the trophy shelf above, have been out of action for some time at the Flying Pig.

The recently opened Olde England pub in Northampton makes a feature of it's large communal table seating, with a pack of Cards or Dominoes, and a Cribbage Board for scoring on every one. There is also a selection of board games, including this Shut The Box, with more games being added as they are acquired.

Domino sets at the Horse & Panniers in North Luffenham, Rutland

The recently refurbished Devil Amongst The Tailors table gets a Saturday afternoon workout at the George in Ashley, Northamptonshire. Note the barrel trophy on the windowsill behind, currently in the possession of the George's winning Tug-of-War team.

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