Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Compendium of Pub Game Images - Pt.4

An afternoon card game at the Exeter Arms, Barrowden in Rutland.

This vintage Devil Amongst The Tailors was probably made to order by a local joiner, and presumably saw service in a pub or club for many years. This is a full size 'League' table, around 3 feet long, and made from a variety of woods including Teak for the pole, pins, and scoring board. A Cribbage Board is usually used for scoring Devil Amongst The Tailors, often built into the table as seen here. The usual finishing score would therefore be 61 or 121, though 101 is also quoted. The scoring board on this table is entirely non-standard at multiples of 35, a clear indication of the 'local' nature of the game where the rules would have varied slightly from area to area, or even pub to pub. This table is currently being refurbished and will feature in more detail in a future post.

The bar back at the Golden Lion in Bourne, Lincolnshire is decorated with some of the many trophies for Darts play which the pub team and individuals have won. The pub team play in the Bourne & District League.

This table top is used for Cribbage at the Golden Lion, but would
be equally suitable for Dominoes.Note the cribbage board
 permanently fixed to the surface.

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