Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bulls Head, Arthingworth, Northamptonshire

The Skittles Table at the Bulls Head is one I've played on a few times in the past, though not with any great success it must be said. Midweek games at Arthingworth were always frustratingly close affairs, sometimes we won, sometimes we lost, but there was rarely anything in it. Another slightly frustrating aspect of league play at the Bulls Head is the location of the table in a small ante-room to the main bar. During a match it's always nice to show support for, and be supported by your team, but the diminutive size of the games room at the Bulls Head means only the chosen few can squeeze in and spectate at any given time.

To achieve the required minimum throwing distance, the table has had to be installed at a diagonal, and even then the throw is a little shorter than most venues. Of course local topography acts as an advantage to the home team, which is entirely as it should be.

The table is another fine A R Pinckard model, one of only three Northamptonshire makers known to me, though there are many locally made examples such as the one at the Shire Horse in nearby Kettering.


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