Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Evesham Quoits

This is my own Evesham Quoits, or Dobbers Board. I'm using the Evesham tag because I know that this board originated from a long-closed pub in that area. It perhaps a shame that it was never painted in the traditional red and green livery, but I'm pleased that numbers indicating the scoring have not been added, frequently seen on more modern commercial boards. If you really need reminding of the 5-2-1 scoring areas, you probably shouldn't be playing the game in a pub anyway!

The only problem I have with this game is the two sets of quoits which came with the board. These are the cheaper, less flexible rubber version. They perform well enough, but the softer double-sided black and white quoits used in competition 'flop' down on the board better with less likelihood of bouncing off when thrown well. I'm also looking for a rubbery, non-crack paint to apply to one side of these quoits, and a proper frame with netting to catch wayward throws would be a nice addition.

It's a great game for the garden, especially for children, but I'll be trying it in the more adult environment of my local pub during the Winter months.

Seven scored, which is a reasonable score for this game.

A closer look at the Quoits Board displayed at the recent Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival. Decked out in the traditional red and green colour scheme, and with a good set of floppy black and white quoits.


Anonymous said...

Quoits can be purchased from evesham quoits. Price has risen sharply due to demand in my area. I play in several leagues and can put you in touch with maker of board stands with netting and lighting

Mark said...

You're welcome to post details here Anon.

algernon said...

some time ago i found the 'actual' throwing distance and pin height, but unfortunately have been unable to find these measurements since.
would you, or anyone out there, be able pass on this information please.
i have found some info saying the pin height is 'about 3'6" (i think), but what i found before was -the pin height is ?'?" from the floor, and the throwing line is measured at ?'?" from the top of the pin.
hopeful thanks in advance.

Mark said...

It would seem from what I've read that heights and distances vary somewhat depending on area, league, and more than likely from pub to pub. Tim Finn states in his book Pub Games of England that the board sits on a table at a height of 2'4" from the ground, Arthur Taylor gives 2'6" for the height in Played at the Pub. 10 or 11 feet is given as the throwing distance, yet board manufacture Jaques states 8'6". The most comprehensive rules I've seen can be found here: which give some distances for the Evesham and Powys games.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Could you give the measurements for the board by any chance please? :)

Mark said...

Easily done as we were playing this yesterday in the garden. The board is 50cm square, the diameter of the outer ring is 41cm, the inner 20.5cm. It's made from 1cm ply and the 'hob' in the centre stands 7cm high. The rubber rings are approx 9cm in diameter. Hope this is of help to you.