Thursday, 13 December 2012

Palmerston Arms, Peterborough

The Palmerston Arms has long been a favourite with beer enthusiasts. Ostensibly a Batemans Brewery pub, the 'Palmy' also offers a wide range of guest beers from other small brewers, usually over a dozen to choose from, all drawn straight from the cask.

But this is no one-dimensional 'real ale' pub, it's a true community local with a licensee who works hard to attract customers from near and far. In addition to the impressive beer range are regular live music sessions, a quiz night, and naturally a good selection of traditional pub games.

League Cribbage is still played at the Palmerston Arms, and there's also a good Darts Board. In addition a quality solid wood Shove Ha'penny Board has been introduced to the bar, and a pub Championships is planned for January during the pubs inaugural Winter Beer Festival. A few locals will be bringing their own boards for the event, which is as good an excuse for a day out with a camera as I can think of. I may even throw my own hat in the ring on the day!

The games corner has plenty of Cards, Dominoes, and Cribbage Boards available for use. The felt covered table-topper gets enough use at the Palmerston Arms to warrant its own Crib Board, and these trophies from the Peterborough Independent Cribbage League are an indication of a measure of success in the Winter and Summer leagues for the pub team.

Practically a beer festival every day, a cheery wood burning stove, and a good solid Shove Ha'penny Board make the Palmerston Arms the ideal refuge on a cold Winters day.


History Man said...

I was at the Alma in Uckfield on Monday night. Public bar full of people playing cribbage and card. Hadn't seen this for a while. Very refreshing sight.

Mark said...

That's a good looking pub, Harveys Ales and a Toad In The Hole. It's great to see a pub full at any time these days!