Friday, 23 May 2014

Some Darts Images

From those seemingly far-off days when men wore ties to drink beer and play Darts at the pub.
The Darts Board at the Letter B, Whittelsey in Cambridgeshire. The board was not getting much use on the day this image was taken, as the bar was very full with people drinking at the Straw Bear weekend Beer Festival.
The Star & Garter, Wigston, Leicestershire. A traditional two-bar Everards pub which also features a good Skittle Alley and Leicester Skittles Table to the rear.
Two vintage Darts medals. The backdrop is a typical 1950's illustration from the Know The Game booklet, 'Inn Games'.
The Noels Arms, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. There are actually three boards, and the pub field teams in the local Melton Mowbray Darts League.
A silver-plated spoon as Darts medal?
The recently refurbished and re-opened Spread Eagle, Cottingham, Northamptonshire, retains a separate bar/games room with Darts and Pool Table. Although Dominoes is played regularly at the pub, there are currently no league teams playing from the Spread Eagle. It is hoped that a Northamptonshire Skittles Table may also return to the pub at some point.


Tone said...

It feels that darts as a pub game is slowly dying, certainly down South. Not so many darts boards seen in pubs at all now. Possibly the more serious darts players are playing in the local clubs of the area.
Its strange as darts on the TV and the big professional circuits with crowds in their 1000's seems more popular than ever.


Mark said...

Absolutely Tony, it's something I've noticed myself. I think it mirrors the general decline in pub going, by which I mean traditional drinking pubs rather than town centre bars and gentrified village pubs. Most city centre pubs are now Dart Board free, and fewer people are interested in league play now, given that the fewer pubs participating, the further teams have to travel.