Saturday, 3 May 2014

Spital Vaults, Chester

You only have to look at the busy 'What's On' board at The Spital Vaults to get an idea of how much the locals appreciate their sport and gaming. Darts, Dominoes, Pool, and a Sunday night Quiz are the staples of pub gaming at back-street boozers like this, and in my view a very good sign that you're about to enter a proper community pub rather than a bar or restaurant pretending to be a pub.

Add the local speciality of Bagatelle into the mix and the Spital is well worth the short walk out of Chester town centre for a pint and a game or two.

The Spital Vaults have a team in the Chester & District Bagatelle League, finishing mid-table in the 2013/14 season. In common with all the Bagatelle venues in Chester, the table at the Spital Vaults is free to play, and you'll be made very welcome for a game outside of the all important Wednesday league nights.

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